Combining the stability and credibility of the Brazilian Real, with the advantages and efficiencies of blockchain technology


Enabling a digitzed currency, allowing purchasing power to become borderless.
The easiest and cheapest way to gain exposure to foreign currencies, Fast transactions, for every buying and selling need.

How It Works

100% backed by Real

For every BR.MINT issued, one REAL is held at Brazilian Bank account, audited quarterly by an independent 3rd party. The total supply of the BR.MINT, a ERC-20 token, is available for public consulation and will always match the REAL amount held.

Your Money, Anytime, Anywhere

Available to trade 24/7, BR.Mint is efficent because it costs nothing to hold and can be sent anywhere in world, to buy anything, anytime.

Convert Direct, or via exchanges

Available at a minimum quantity of 10000 units, directly at the BR.MINT website. Lower quantities available at digital exchanges. Find out more at

Convert from digital assets or Real

Minimum quantities requirements directly with BR.MINT Platform. Purchase with criptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) available but subject to additional fee and time delay due to time needed to conversion and transfer of funds to bank.

Where does it come from?

Parity - Always 1:1, one BR.Mint will only be issued if it is backed by one Brazilian Real.

Legal - BRC Ltda, a legal entity in Brazil, acts as an intermediary between issuer (XXX Inc) and buyer, holding funds in a fully transparent and auditable manner

KYC / AML - every deposit and withdrawal request subject to highest international standards and best practices

White Paper

A Brazilian Real-Backed Fiat Stable Currency



Global remitance, send and receive BR.Mint regardless of where you are in the world


Buy and sell goods and service by paying or receiving withflexibility. Merchant tools available soon.


Through digital asset exchanges, use BR.Mint to buy stablecoins backed to USD, CAD, EUR. Convert them to cash abroad.

Crypto Investing

Instantly convert BR.Mint to crypto currencies. Fastest way to convert digital currencies to cash parity.

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BR.Mint was built so that money can move - fast, freely and is trully borderless.
The BR.Mint is a digital Brazilian Real (BRL). Like other digital assets, it can move instantaneously, anywhere in the world, any time of any day. Unlike other crypto assets, BR.Mint is stable. It is backed 1:1 for the Brazilian real. One BR.Mint will always equal One Brazilian Real. With no volatility, it will serve merchants and clients all over in the Brazilian Economy - with the relatability of a known currency, but the advantages of a digital asset.
Our vision is a frictionless currency, moving 24 hours a day, instantaneously, anywhere in world.

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain-based ledger that supports smart contracts, and is the most widely-used digital-asset platform. BR.Mint follows the ERC-20 protocol, which is a standard for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-20 standard specifies a set of standard functions to manage transactions and track account balances. Some of the advantages of the BR.Mint ERC-20 token are:
Ideal wallet support and exchange integration. Any provider that has implemented ERC-20 code can support the token on their platform. This open network enables and facilitates usage of the token. This would be harder in a closed-network environment.
Trust! Users do not have to trust a given exchange to hold their token. A uder could hold the token in any Ethereum enabled wallet, not a given exchange. This also means flexibility for the user.
Because of the openness nature of the ERC-20, all tokens in circulation is available for public consultation ( This added transparency and ability to confirm our audited holding statements add an extra level of trust.

Much like other cryptocurrencies, an ERC-20 token can be traded like these other crypto-assets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum), but unlinke them the token does not have its own blockchain. Instead, it uses the Ethereum blockchain.
In ERC-20, ERC stands for Ethereum Request For Comments and 20 stands for a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.
Similar to the fact that we have an HTTP protocol for internet, we have a standard protocol for tokens to be issued on Ethereum.
Certain functions in the token’s smart contract, must be present to bemcome ERC-20 compliant.
If you don’t include the mandatory functions, you are not ERC-20. These mandotory functions are items that can be observed publicly, adding transparency to the token, such as total supply of token, balances in addresses and costs of transfers.

Any Wallet that allows for Ethereum can hold the ERC-20 token. Simply choose to "Receive" in your wallet. The sender types that same created address to "Send" BR.Mint (ERC2- token) to the receipient.
If user is purchasing BR.Mint directly from an exchange, the exchange account balance serves as a wallet to hold the token.
If a user if purchasing directly from BR.Mint, you will be holding it in your account wallet, directly in the BR.Mint platform.

Any Wallet that allows for Ethereum can hold the ERC-20 token. Simply choose to "Receive" in your wallet. The sender types that same created address to "Send" BR.Mint (ERC2- token) to the receipient.
Each particular crypto wallet (or Crypto Exchange) has their own unique appearance and just as any other crypto asset, a BR.Mint can be sent and received instantly as long as the sender holds Ethereum in the same wallet to pay for the Gas fees (a tiny fraction of pennies worth).